By Marc Campos

The Hunt For Red State November

You know the GOP is hurting when they think a movie star – sort of – is going to bail them out next November. Remember, Ronald Reagan at least received top billing in a few movies. Ronald Reagan was also the host of a TV show. This Thompson fella has played third fiddle to folks like Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis and Sean Connery in “In The Line of Fire,” “Die Hard 2”, and “Hunt for Red October.” He doesn’t even have a memorable line like “win one for the Gipper.” Meanwhile, Dems could be happy with Hillary, Obama, Edwards or Richardson. We’re not looking for a savior.

They say that breaking up isn’t hard to do. First it was The Dean and The Lite Guv, now it’s Speaker Craddick and Sly. “I remain loyal to him” says Sly about The Speaker – huh? Hmmm, wonder what disloyalty looks like? FYI – Sly was Commentary’s client a few elections ago.

The City of Houston might trot out some sort of optional garbage fee. The way I figure, one does not have to pay it if you say you don’t want to pay it. It sounds confusing, which means the least informed, errrr, educated, errr folks of color, will end up paying the fee and they probably don’t know they will be paying the fee – still confused? This sounds like the old hidden ball trick if you ask me. Guess what, they didn’t ask Commentary.

Walk the plank. It’s not Drayton fault and it’s not Tim’s fault – they don’t go up to the plate and hack away. Lane is hitting .167, Palmeiro .158, Biggio .230, Berkman .244, Everett .213, Scott .226, and Ausmus .235. Make a couple walk the plank like Lane and Palmeiro. Send them to Round Rock or outright release them. Send a message to the team and to the fans. Also, until the team gets back to .500, make them run around the bases after every loss like we used to do in little league. After all, they get paid movie star salaries but are playing like little leaguers.

For those of you that sit on the third base side at the yard, tonight they are rolling out a Lefty’s Barbecue stand over there….hmmmm. Last night’s dollar dogs were pretty good.

Countdown – 30 days until The James and The Lovely Wendy Wedding. 37 days until The Lisette and The Mike Wedding. Nice!

May 31, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary