By Marc Campos

Astros Read DC, Rivalry, Rat's A__ Dept., Dallas S___s!

Yesterday's Daily Commentary must have been widely distributed throughout the Astros' offices and clubhouse yesterday. It looks like they are close to signing Roger - will probably happen today. The team responded yesterday with a 6 to 3 come from behind win over our rivals -the Cards. I guess Commentary is capable of providing a public service every now and then. Note - have to give credit to My Buddy for raising the issue.

Commentary is going to make it official. We now have a bona fide rivalry. The St. Louis Cardinals are our rivals. We want to beat them - they want to beat us. Move over Yankees-Mets, Cubbies-White Sox.

From the Who Gives A Rat's A__ Department - Should we really be spending a quarter of a million to find Jimmy Hoffa's remains - whatever remains? Don't the feds have anything better to do? The feds can't find Adrianna - do you really think they are going to find Hoffa? If they do find him, so what - what are they going to do?

Way to go Dallas! That's why your fishwrap won't even give you an honorable mention when it comes to handing out the "Texan of the Year Award." Next time a Category 3-plus forces folks In the H-Town area to get out of Dodge, try to avoid taking I-45 North. Dallas is putting out the No Vacancy signs. Go Suns!!!

May 31, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary