By Marc Campos

She Bangs, She Moves! Dem Chair’s Dumb Deal

Livin’ la vida loca! Heading into this weekend’s Puerto Rico Dem Prez primary, Ricky Martin endorsed Hillary.

“I am also grateful for Senator Obama's commitment to help build the Texas Democratic Party,” said the Lone Star State Dem Party Chair yesterday when he endorsed Obama. Translation: I cut a deal to support Obama and he is going to let me be the Chair.

There is an eye opening piece in today’s Chron (check it out) by the Chron’s Columnist on hard ball tactics being employed by the Obama campaign heading into next week’s Lone Star State Dem Convention that will be held in Austin. According to the piece, it goes something like this. The Party Vice-Chair who supports Obama wants to run for Dem Party Chair. The Obama campaign threatens her Super Duper Dem Delegate status if she runs against the current Chair. The Dem Party Chair and his wife – also a Super Duper Dem Delegate – then endorse Obama. Obama campaign then supports the current Dem Chair’s reelection bid.

He didn’t ask Commentary, but the Dem Party Chair should not have cut a deal. Why pi__ off Hillary delegates heading into next week’s state convention? I mean, Hillary won half of the Texas Two Step and Obama the other. There was obviously some serious arm twisting, threats, and pressure. Well, so much for the appearance of fairness on disputed issues that may come up next week.

Commentary is wondering if Obama’s church is really a church or a U.S. Defense Department missile silo. A guest preacher, errr a priest this time, fired off a mean spirited missile at Hillary this past Sunday. What was the priest thinking? I mean, don’t priests ever have time to watch CNN or MSNBC or is watching cable news considered a violation of their vows.

Harvey Korman is no longer with us. I nearly died from laughing back in 1974 when he played Hedley (not Heddy) Lamarr in Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles” – one of Commentary’s favorite all time funny movies.

Jason Whitlock is a sports columnist that Commentary likes a lot because he tells it like it is and pushes the envelope. He writes for the Kansas City Star and foxsports.com. He had a piece yesterday (check it out) about the TV ratings being up in the latest NBA playoff rounds because the players currently still on the court have less tattoos on than those that have already been eliminated – interesting. Whitlock says “the Lakers, Spurs and Celtics have far less ink on average than your typical NBA franchise.” When Commentary does watch college or NBA basketball, quite frankly, I get distracted by the players being covered by tattoos. It is good to see someone with Whitlock’s stature talking them down. Commentary must have missed the part in life why some folks think tattoo overkill is cool.

There has been a debate brewing to bring instant replay into Major League Baseball. That’s a very bad and dumb idea. I really don’t think it is something that baseball fans want. We accept the fact that there will be blown calls by umpires. Was it fair or foul? Did it hit the yellow line? Did he make the tag? Did he trap the ball? I can’t recall an instance in which an umpire’s blown call help decide a playoff contender or World Serious champ. A blown call here and there over a 162 game schedule really doesn’t have the impact as say in a 16 game NFL schedule. The other problem is presumably (I read this yesterday), the TV production crew’s equipment/personnel will be used on replays. Some teams own their production crew and some teams have special deals with the crews. How do you guarantee integrity in the replay process? Baseball doesn’t need instant replays, plus it would just make the games longer. Major League Baseball needs to listen to what the fans want on this one and we don’t need it or want it period!

OK – how about this MLB – if you implement this, every instance where instant replay stops the game, all fans at The Yard are entitled to a free beverage of their choice – in my case a St. Arnold. Sounds fair to me!

The good news about last night is that Roy O looked a whole lot like Roy O. The bad news is we’re three and a half out – yikes! Maybe my nephew Enrique and My God Daughter Lisette and Mike can bring them a little luck in Milwaukee this weekend.

Commentary is going to sneak off this weekend to go have some “Sex in the City!”

May 30, 2008 9:00AM

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