By Marc Campos

Craddick’s Darlings

They are called Craddick Ds. I wonder where they go now and what’s in their future. They would be silly to hang on to the Speaker because the Speaker is not coming back. I think the guys that pour money into elections at the request of the Speaker are going to wise up and cut their deal with another conservative R. There are just too many Rs that are mad at the Speaker. The Speaker’s math just doesn’t add up. Well, at least they won’t be called Craddick Darlings anymore.

I wonder if the meetings have already been held in Austin to determine which Craddick Darlings will be targeted during the Dem Primary next year. If the meeting was held, I wonder who was there. I wonder if folks of color were part of the meeting. I wonder if I wonder too much about this.

Jolanda Jones is running for the Houston City Council for an at-large position and my good friend Grant Martin, one of the best in the bidness, is her consultant. Hope she survives more than one episode this time around.

The National Spelling Bee Contest is today. One thing about the national spelling bee finals, Commentary always learns new words that I thought never existed – kind of like crossword puzzles.

Commentary nearly got to see one of the most exciting plays in baseball – the inside the park homer. It didn’t happen though because Adam Everett was thrown out at the plate. It’s dollar hot dog night at the yard tonight. I hope we get more than a dog for a buck tonight.

May 30, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary