By Marc Campos

Splitsville, 715, Roger, New Yards

As Dems, we have a stake in the immigration debate. Still, we have to love the fact that the GOP can't get their act together. It is another example of their inability to lead. Let's just hope that we can develop a message for the Fall that convinces the voters that Dems are ready to provide decisive leadership. As Rocco said in G1, "difficult, but not impossible."

Like it or not, Barry is now #2. He'll stay #2 for awhile. Someday A-Rod and Albert may catch him. How about the fella that was standing in line for a beer and #715 literally fell into his hands? Barry, Barry, Barry!

My Buddy thinks it may be time for the local media to put the heat on Roger and tell him to sign ASAP. I responded that maybe the local media doesn't want to put the heat on Roger because of the 11th Commandment of local sports - "Thou Shalt Not P___ Off Roger." Yesterday's 3 run game winning blast by Albert should be considered a message to Roger. The team could use Roger's arm and leadership. The 'Stros are still capable of winning it all - but times a wasting!

The 'Stros visited the Cards' new yard yesterday. It is another state of the art crib. Yesterday, My Best Friend opined - "What will the newly built yards look like in 40 years?" Interesting question.

May 30, 2006, 9:00AM

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