By Marc Campos

Sorry Arse GOP

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with the GOP kicking the sh_t out of one of their fellow GOPers that told us for a couple of years that W’s War was good and that it was the right thing to do. Now he’s had a change of heart. The GOPer, errr Lady Foghorn’s kid, apparently changed his mind about W in order to get some run on amazon.com and make a few hundred thousand bucks. Hey, the GOP can go on ahead and eat their own as far as I’m concerned. If we already know that we have been lied to about W’s War, CIA operative leaks, and WMDs, why in the heck would we go out and buy a book from a former W staffer that help tell those same lies. It doesn’t make sense to me.

It looks like the Rules Committee of the Democratic National Committee is poised to seat half of the outlaw delegations from Florida and Michigan. Hillary is OK with that as long as it’s her half that gets seated.

A lot of folks are making a big deal about the influence of lobbyists in this year’s Prez Sweepstakes. It’s funny in that special interests will probably pick up most of the tab for state delegation parties/breakfasts/lunches at both national conventions. If both parties banned special interests at the national conventions we’d be brown bagging it in Denver and Minneapolis.

The fella that the GOP fears the most in a possible local State Senate race has some decision making to do. CEWDEM sent out a memo yesterday asking folks to offer their advice, errr encouragement to Chris “Da” Bell as he weighs a bid for SD 17. I’m betting Chris’ email account is pretty full by now.

The pitiful burg of Redneck Branch suffered a constitutional setback yesterday in its attempt to rid their burg of paperless folks. Redneck Branch tried to deny renting apartments to paperless folks but a federal judge said no way. Of course, I don’t know why anyone of the Latino persuasion would want to live there anyway.

Commentary goofed yesterday. I didn’t spell Armando Walle right.

The early returns are in and it looks like ‘Stros First Baseman Lance Berkman and Shortstop Miguel Tejada have shots at getting starting nods in this year’s Major League All Star Game. Berkman has a 12,000 vote lead over Albert Pujols in the race for National League first baseman. Tejada trails the Marlins’ Hanley Ramirez by 12,000 for shortstop. This is also a Texas Two Step race. You can vote online up to 25 times. You can also go out to The Yard and punch ballots (no limit on the number of ballots you can punch) but make sure you get rid of all hanging and dimpled chad (on “Recount” they said “chad” was both plural and singular). We’re two and a half out.

May 29, 2008 9:00AM

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