By Marc Campos

W’s Rat

It looks like Lady Foghorn’s kid has ratted out W and his War. I'm talking about Scott Rylander Foghorn One Tough Grandma Keeton Strayhorn McClellan - W's former mouthpiece. I’m certain Lady Foghorn is real proud of her kid for figuring out how to get his mug on the tube again, make a few hundred thousand, and go to a few book signings by ratting out W. The sad thing is if they hadn’t run his arse out of the White House a couple of years ago, he’d probably still have his nose right up W’s you know what today. Now he gets to make some cashola by letting us know what most America already knows – that W misled us and lied to us – huh!

Chris “Da” Bell is getting some run today in the Chron on a possible Texas State Senate bid. Commentary sat with Chris yesterday at former Dem Rep Joe Allen’s funeral in Baytown. A number of good Dems were there including Gov. Mark White, the Gossips, former Cong. Ken Bentsen, former State Rep. Clint Hackney, future State Rep. Armando Valle, Kathryn Mac, former State Rep Fred Bosse, and former Texas Supreme Bob Gammage.

The City of Boerne has banned cell phone use in school zones. Way to go Boerne! I wonder when H-Town is going to get on board.

It looks like the ‘Stros are back to reading Commentary – that’s a good thing. They sent reliever Dave Borkowski down for “assignment.” After Hunter Pence’s 5 for 5 performance last night, we now have three starters batting above .300 – Berkman (.384), Tejada (.332), and Pence (.311). We’re still one and a half back.

May 28, 2008 9:00AM

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