By Marc Campos

The Final Week

Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota Dems will now get to have their say.

I’m sure the Obama campaign would love to roll out enough Super Duper Dem Delegates this week to go over the top and blunt any Hillary final primary victories.

Heck, they might even leak out a few names of possible VP candidates this week to make her look more irrelevant.

Remember all the ballyhoo that surrounded the John Edwards endorsement of Obama right after West Virginia and he was supposed to help out with Anglo blue collar Dems. Well it didn’t help out in Kentucky a week later and nobody from the punditry talked about it.

The Rules Committee of the Democratic National Committee will meet this weekend to figure out what to do with the outlaw Dem delegations from Florida and Michigan. Commentary is predicting that Florida and Michigan Dems are not going to be happy with this weekend’s decision.

The ‘Stros visit the Cardinals for three starting this evening. Commentary has concerns about some of the middle relievers and our rookie catcher J.R, Towles who is batting 50 points below the Mendoza Line – yikes!

May 27, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary