By Marc Campos

Where Have You Gone ...

LoRod's riding the bench. Lori Rodriguez, the Chron's Minority Affairs Writer, hasn't written any articles lately. Apparently there is a problem in the newsroom. That's too bad.

Normally Commentary - even before Commentary - is reluctant to get involved in journalist-management issues. Hey, they wouldn't step in on your/my behalf. I wasn't invited to this one.

LoRod knows Houston. She also knows Houston's growing Latino community. You may not agree with some of her articles - I've taken a few LoRod hits (ouch!) in the past - but she's been covering our community almost as long as I've been working it. She was reporting before "The One Mexican Rule" came into play (more on the OMR in a later Commentary). As the local Latino population continues to grow, so will local news coverage of Latinos. Local Latino politics are arguably the most exciting - District 143 is just getting warmed up. LoRod's wealth of knowledge and years of experience should be considered a Chron asset. Let's hope things work out in Chronville and we get to see LoRod's byline again.

Speaking of journalists, Forward Times columnist/reporter Ed Wendt died yesterday. I met Ed in 1977. He was aggressive and hard hitting. He'll be missed.

May 27, 2005, 9:00AM

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