By Marc Campos

In Memory

My old friend Joe Allen is no longer with us. Joe was truly one of the good guys - one of the famous “Dirty Thirty” of Texas politics. He was from my hometown – Baytown. He helped me out a lot when I first got into politics. Joe represented Baytown in the Texas Legislature in the 60s and 70s. He was a great Democrat. He had a passion for politics. He also had an outrageous sense of humor and he never held back on his takes. They don’t make them like Joe anymore. I will always miss that trademark mischievous smile of his. Joe was only 68.

An old acquaintance Michael Stevens also left us. I met Michael in 1991 during the Bob Lanier campaign for H-Town mayor. Michael was one of Lanier’s fundraisers and was always watching how we spent the campaign bucks. Mayor Bob then recruited him to help out on certain city related development projects including helping put the finances in place for the construction of The Yard. Michael was an R and only 58.

I can understand why former Secretary of State Warren Christopher didn’t like last night’s “Recount.” He wasn’t as hungry or as mean as James Baker.

There were three straight sellouts at The Yard this past weekend. After yesterday’s meltdown, the team sent relief pitcher Fernando Nieve to Round Rock. They should have put fellow reliever Dave Borkowski on the same bus. We’re a game out and on the road for nine.

May 26, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary