By Marc Campos


It's funny. Five years ago the Enron Boys were worshipped in this city by many. Today, the "same" many in H-town are taking their shots at the Boys.

Does this mean we won't have Enron to kick around anymore?

The best part of yesterday's post verdict news coverage was Kenny Boy's equine escort. Kenny Boy had a couple of mounted police clearing a path for him. One horse darn near ran over a bystander.

In my baseball collection, I have in mint condition - never been opened - an Enron commemorative baseball that was given out at the yard on Opening Day in 2000 back when it was called Enron Field. Think I'll put it on ebay - unless I get a better offer. I also still have the Enron Field lid in mint condition - never been worn - that was handed out at the yard at the Inaugural Game versus the Yankees. I might also put the lid on ebay - unless, of course, I get a better offer.

I actually went on ebay this morning and searched Enron related goods - found 162 items for sale including the Opening Day baseball - out of its box - not in mint condition.

You know, I never did really like the Enron Field name. I like the name Minute Maid Park better. In fact, the Young Political Consultant that works for Commentary, her Dad is a Minute Maid Company hot shot and runs the Minute Maid business action at the yard.

May 26, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary