By Marc Campos

Local Labor Misleads, Valedictorian's 180 Seconds, Baseball Must

The local AFL-CIO sent Laura Salinas a detailed questionnaire dealing with their issues. Labor says turn in the questionnaire by June 3 - also submit 20 copies. Last night Laura attends the labor meeting and visits with labor folks. Many tell her this is the first time they have met either candidate. Laura's opponent speaks, Laura speaks. Neither candidate addresses the issues - just name, rank and serial number. Issues are supposed to be addressed during candidate screening and interview process.

Labor then endorses Laura's opponent. Labor never gets to look at responses to questionnaire. Labor never interviews or screens the candidates. Betcha District 143 voters ask more questions of the candidates. Labor never gets to ask Laura's opponent if she can vote today in District 143.

Come on labor. You are better than that. Let's say Laura Salinas wins this thing. You certainly would not want her to act the way you did last night, would you? Well, at least we don't have to take the time to fill out the questionnaire.

Commentary's nephew is the Valedictorian of his high school graduating class in a South Texas high school far, far away. Dude started working on his V-address that he will give at his graduation ceremony. He is then informed by the school honchos that he will only get three minutes. Great - bust your butt, make super grades, win the V-ship, then you only get 180 seconds. They also want to see a copy of his speech in advance. Nephew's mom tells school - "you can have a copy but you're not changing the speech - it's his speech." Props to nephew and his mom.

For baseball fans, check out the National Baseball Hall of Fame exhibit at Houston's Museum of Fine Arts. Must see. Babe Ruth's bat and Ty Cobb's cleats. Lots of good stuff.

May 26, 2005, 9:00AM

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