By Marc Campos

Big Bad John

One thing about John Edwards, he’s no John Kerry. I like Edwards’ campaign style. He’s aggressive. He also has not forgotten who won the election in 2006 and why. It didn’t take him long to let us know where he stands on the war funding legislation. Edwards did the right thing. I don’t understand why it took so long for Hillary and Barack to announce their position. Well, at least they did the right thing.

Edwards also scored points this week for his take on the war on terror. If Edwards had been at the top of the ticket in 2004, W would have had all the brush cleared at his ranch by now.

Commentary is always learning something. I didn’t even know that the Lone Star State had its own Pledge of Allegiance until I read about it in the paper yesterday. Why do we have a pledge? Who knows the words? Heck we have a state song but nobody knows what it is, much less the words. Most folks think the song they play at the yard during the seventh inning stretch is the state song.

Speaking of the yard, I learned something else yesterday. Orlando Palmeiro, Adam Everett, and Jason Lane are playing on the “interstate.” That means they are hitting “I” something, like .147, .188, and .173 respectively.

One of the coolest things my parents ever did was the name they gave my younger sister – Aida. That’s a cool name. Happy Birthday goes to Aida today.

Commentary is running in a 5 K race tomorrow morning at the yard – yikes! I’ll be wearing Numero 8 like Yogi. Commentary is then taking Memorial Day off. The Astros will also take Memorial Day off – that’s a real good thing.

May 25, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary