By Marc Campos

TexDUMB, Council Mini-men, Idol, Wild Card

"We studied it," said Transportation Commission (TexDOT) Chairman Ric Williamson. "These are parts of the state where higher speeds is a safe decision." Another good reason why Guv Dude ought to go. Apparently, on some roads out in West Texas, the state says it's OK to drive 80 miles per hour. I know, folks drive 80 mph now, but the state ought not to get into the business of saying it's OK. All studies say it is more dangerous and uses more gas. Classic arrogant and dumba__ public policy - only in Texas.

Sometimes watching the Municipal Channel can be pretty entertaining - like the past couple of Houston City Council meetings. It seems like the Houston City Council just couldn't stay away from the current immigration debate. They just had to weigh in. Some council members want to kill funding for a day-labor site. Guess picking up the trash, putting cops on the street, and fixing potholes got a little too boring for some council members.

Last night I was flipping around the tube and checked out the fella that won the "Idol" contest. I thought it was Lance Berkman. Then they said 63.4 million folks voted. Maybe we ought to change the way we conduct presidential campaigns by having the candidates participate in an "American Idol" type format - get folks interested.

We haven't reached Memorial Day and the ‘Stros are already six games behind the Cards. We need to start winning more games or we're gonna be chasing the Wild Card again.

May 25, 2006, 9:00AM

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