By Marc Campos

An Overrated Issue

Commentary saw a piece today about McCain going after Obama on his lack of military credentials. McCain just ought to park it. In 1992, they threw this at Bill Clinton and he won. In 2000, we threw it a W and he won. In 2004, we saw what happened with Kerry and military cred. This issue doesn’t seem to resonate with voters. They’re more concerned with the price of gasoline.

You know we’re hurting as far as the Lone Star State government goes when even the polygamist sect folks kick our arse. Can’t our state government get anything right? The sect folks got them a favorable ruling from an appeals court yesterday against state government. What else is new? I wonder if those polygamist sect folks vote.

The price of gasoline is going to keep a lot of folks at home this Memorial Day Weekend. That’s OK with Commentary. That means there will probably be more folks heading to The Yard to pick up a B-G-O Mini Helmet and Roy O and Bagwell bobbleheads. Brad Lidge turned out the lights last night. Speaking of, has anyone seen Roy O this year?

May 23, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary