By Marc Campos

Where Was The Debate?

CEWDEM never sent out much in terms of a major discussion on the merits of moving next years Texas party primaries. I never heard anything from the Harris County Democratic Party on the matter. I was told nada from the Texas Democratic Party and my State Democratic Executive Committee members on the issue. The Dean never said anything to me about having a February primary. Democratic Party activists were not involved in discussions. According to news reports, state party leaders were in support of the primary date change oh, yeah! Well how come they forgot to tell Commentary or for that matter a whole lot of other folks.

Lucky for us, the bill to move the primary date to next February appears dead. That is definitely a good thing. Before we decide to make major changes to election laws, we need to have a long discussion and debate throughout the state. It appears the discussions were only held in Austin. There are logistical issues involved when you move an election. There is a significant impact on county elected officials and their ability to run for another office. Then there are weather considerations.

I trust my elected officials to do the right thing in dealing with tax matters, public education policy, the criminal justice system, and funding for parks. When they start messing with moving the party primaries, then I think a full discussion and airing within the party is warranted. Im talking about a discussion throughout the state and not just in Austin.

Maybe some of us would recommend that a bi-partisan state panel be created and hearings and meetings would be held across the state. Maybe some of us would recommend that the Texas Congressional Delegation take the lead and start moving toward enacting national legislation to create four regional U.S. primaries and end the madness where our first primary could be held the Labor Day fourteen months before Election Day.

Im not going to say anything about the Houston Astros because there is nothing to say period.

May 23, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary