By Marc Campos

Serge's Encounter, Ads, Yawner, 45 Games

My friend Serge said he ran into a woman after the ballgame (across the street from the yard) Sunday carrying a Texas flag and a sign that read "Texas is not a Mexican colony." The woman figured a lot of fans leaving the game would see her sign and give her the thumbs up. I don't think Serge gave her the thumbs up.

I saw Guv Dude's TV ad the other day. Got to hand it to the fella, last year he looked like a dead duck, then he made a Sharp move. The schools are staying open. He's getting high fives. Expect Lady Foghorn to start airing ads real soon ripping into Dude.

Not much of a Texas Dem Party Chair race going on. I have received one mail piece from Glen Maxey and one from Boyd Richie. Glen was in town last week and so was Barry - I went to see Barry. Don't have a report on how Glen's visit went. Saw a little email action on the race yesterday. Yawnnnnnnn!

About a year ago, the 'Stros were 15 and 30. Today we're 25 and 20 and we still have not signed Roger.

May 23, 2006, 9:00AM

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