By Marc Campos

Rodeos and Local Stuff

Some local Latino leaders and LULAC continued their assault on The Rodeo yesterday. In today’s Chron, The Rodeo’s honcho said the issues raised by Latinos were “pointless.” Take that! Right next to The Rodeo story was a big picture of a Latina student from Cesar Chavez High School receiving a $15,000 scholarship check from The Rodeo. Take that! For the record, Commentary thinks Latinos have bigger fish to fry.

A life sentence handed out by a Harris County jury a couple of days ago has folks all stirred up around here. A lot of folks wanted the old death penalty. The GOP nominee for Harris County DA when asked for her opinion gave no opinion. The Dem nominee says the death penalty should have been handed out – interesting. For the record, Commentary has always opposed the death penalty.

The GOP Harris County Sheriff now has the new DA investigating his arse for allegedly having his detectives follow some folks that were suing him …. tsk, tsk, tsk. Wayne Dolcefino and Channel 13 have been checking him out for ethics violations – allegedly. This guy looks more like Barney Fife than Matt Dillon. They ought to only let him go out with one bullet in his pocket. Maybe Dems ought to put out mailers in the fall with ‘Ol Barn’s picture next to the GOP sheriff.

Yesterday was Umbrella Day at The Yard. During the game the announcer asked everybody to open their umbrellas and twirl them even though the roof was closed. Lucky most folks know it is bad luck to open an umbrella indoors so most of us didn’t and we won the game – whew! We’re back to a game and a half out with the Phillies and Brad Lidge coming in for four.

May 22, 2008 9:00AM

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