By Marc Campos

Another Commentary Great Idea and the Doghouse

Florida is moving their presidential primary to late January of next year which means New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada will move theirs to December of this year. If Texas doesn’t move it’s primaries to February 5, here’s an idea! Since there seems to be a complete breakdown on the rules governing the scheduling of primaries, a kind of lawlessness on who gets to go first, why doesn’t the Harris County Democratic Party decide to have our own presidential primary on Tuesday, December 18 of this year? We will just vote for president and save the other elected positions for March. Think about it, Harris County has more folks than Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. We have a good representation of African Americans, Latinos, Labor, Women, Gays and Lesbians, and Asian Americans – we’re diverse. Who’s going to think less of us for holding our own primary and besides, the candidates can raise money while they are in town. Heck, we can even let Galveston and Fort Bend Counties join in if they want.

Commentary is in the doghouse. It seems I forgot to give my Comadre Julie a mention about her 52nd birthday yesterday. I could blame it on this darn miserable head cold I’ve been fighting for the past few days. I could blame it on my blackberry crashing last week and my calendar was fried in the process. I actually have it written down on my desk, but I never glanced at the calendar. Excuses are for chumps. What makes it worse is My God Daughter Lisette, who’s getting married 777 asked me this weekend to be a part of the wedding ceremony – great – and I forgot to wish the Mother of the Bride a Happy Birthday. I wonder if I get to come out of the doghouse to watch the ‘Stros tonight.

Houston’s Mayor received the “Profiles in Courage Award” yesterday in Boston – well deserved. The Mayor received the award for his leadership after Katrina hit. How come the Ex-County Judge didn’t get a piece of the award, after all, the Astrodome is a county facility. Remember during the Katrina deal when the Mayor and the County Judge would have their press conferences and all the other elected officials would stand beside or behind them, don’t you think they should have gotten an honorable mention award.

The GOP Latino fella that is going to get clobbered by Melissa Noriega in the $350,000 Shelley Run-Off Special put out a piece this past weekend and took a shot at “money and special interests.” That’s code for him not being able to raise money and not get much in terms of endorsements from organizations.

James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy had their engagement photo in Sunday’s Chron …..awwww! Check it out.

Lance Berkman tried to lay down a bunt last night – huh! Berkman isn’t being paid $14 mil a year to lay down bunts! Adam Everett is batting .193, Jason Lane .183, Morgan Ensberg .214, and Luke Scott .237. I’m betting some of these folks won’t be wearing the brick red when the all star break rolls around. Meanwhile Hunter Pence was last week’s National League Co-Player of the Week.

Pam-In-Charge gets a mention in today’s Chron for the yard’s cupcakes. Maybe they ought to have pan dulce and hope that John Lopez backs off of Drayton.

May 22, 2007 9:00AM

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