By Marc Campos

English Only Ads, NOLA, First Pitch, Cued, 714, Julia

In 1998, W and Perry spent a record amount of money on Spanish language campaign TV and radio ads and it paid off. Now W and the GOP want to make English the national language - huh? I kind of always thought it was. Let's call it what it is - hate and mean spirited. Fair enough. How about the GOP not buying Spanish language campaign TV and radio ads this time around? How about Guv Dude not buying a single "con nosotros" ad. W and the GOP don't think much of the Spanish language - so why buy ads? Why be phony? I'd like to know if the GOP is thinking about budgeting for Spanish language ads and why?

My Buddy would have voted for him. I was rooting for him. I often wonder if any mayor could have done any better. What do you do when the levees break? I kind of think he got a bad rap because of his skin color. I know, and some will say he got reelected because of his skin color. How about the fella that wrote the book about NOLA and Katrina? It was kind of a drive by mugging of the mayor right before the election. Wonder what the author of the book is thinking today?

Alberto Gonzales was in Houston this past weekend. He was at the yard Friday night and threw out the first pitch. Got to hand it to The General, he's got a good arm.

As I predicted, Vito got wacked last night. There was also some serious gay bashing last night. "Nothing gay about hell." "You are seriously f____d up!" "You are a f_____g disgrace." You could say Vito got billiard. Like they said when they ran the credits - "it's still the same old story."

Barry's sitting next to The Great Bambino and a lot of folks don't think he should be seated at the right hand . . . . whatever. Barry has 714 and we don't. He'll soon have 715 and Babe will be #3 - hey, wasn't that the Babe's number on his jersey?

The wife of My Best Friend celebrated her 51st birthday yesterday. She spent the day at the yard. A Super Little League Mom. Wife Extraordinaire. She's cool and fun and interesting. Happy Birthday yesterday Julie!

May 22, 2006, 9:00AM

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