By Marc Campos


If anybody can survive a brain tumor, I’m betting Ted Kennedy can.

It would not surprise Commentary if one of the networks/cable news channels did away with the punditry, errr political talking heads in 2012. This year they have become so irrelevant. Some are biased cheerleaders. Some spew out the candidate’s daily talking points. Some love to hear themselves talk. Some have agendas. Most don’t know what is going on this year. In 2012, the network that gets it will be the one that has voters in the studio talking about what happened in their state that day. The only two fellas that I want back are CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin and Jonathan King with his cool election return gizmo.

Come on now! Kentucky Dems gave the nominee a 35 point, quarter of a mil vote drubbing. That’s not supposed to happen! I don’t want to hear folks say – well Obama didn’t spend any time in Kentucky – that’s malarkey. They have TVs in Kentucky. The voters know what is going on and they wanted Hillary to stay in until the end – period.

One thing we won’t be hearing for sure this year is our Dem nominee being called a “Teddy Kennedy Democrat” by the GOP. I’m sure the GOP will be conducting focus groups real soon to figure out which Dem liberal they can hang around Obama’s neck.

There was more yesterday on the treatment Hillary has received and one news report mentioned the “cleavage” matter of a few months ago. It got me to thinking – I don’t think I ever read anything about the “bulges” of her Dem opponents.

Yesterday the U.S. House passed a resolution by a whopping 402-3 making May 13, 2008 Frank Sinatra Day. The three against were Rs from the Lone Star State. Maybe they didn’t like the fact that ‘Ol Blue Eyes was born in a blue state.

Commentary’s Mom is 80-something today. Mom’s a huge Hillary supporter so she’s not feeling too good politically speaking today. Happy Birthday Mom!

My Best Friend’s Wife - Julie Luna - is 50-something today. Julie’s a huge Obama girl so she’s feeling a lot better politically speaking than My Mom. Julie Luna don’t need touching up. Happy Birthday Julie!

Veronica Juarez also has a BD today. She’s 20 — something. Veronica is a Hillary supporter and one of the 1500 trying to be a National Delegate from the Lone Star State. Happy Birthday Veronica!

Commentary sat in Pam-In-Charge’s seats last night – OK, they are a bit better than mine. The Former Young Gun the Anglo and the Campaign Skipper joined me. Sitting right behind me was the H-Town Chief of Police. He threw out the first pitch. Sitting a few rows back were the H-Town Mayor’s A-Team – Michael, Ann, Frank, Patrick, Terrance, and Ty Wiggington’s brother. We all got to see Hunter Pence’s Grand Salami and a win for the ‘Stros.

May 21, 2008 9:00AM

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