By Marc Campos


I don’t know about our troops using the Quron for target practice. If we found out that the Iranian army was using the Bible for target practice, we would invade for sure.

Now that it is nearly official, some Hillary supporters of the female persuasion are voicing their disapproval of the way Hillary was treated this campaign season. Gerry Ferraro was on the tube this morning with her take. Commentary agrees and thinks that Hillary got worked over more by the media and the punditry. On the other hand, her handlers should have known this was coming and so they should have been better prepared.

CEWDEM sent out the Gossips’ take on the November election. It is a good read. CEWDEM also says that over 1500 Lone Star State Dems are vying for the 200 or so National Delegate slots up for grabs. It looks like there will be some n_t cutting, back stabbing, throat slashing, and deal making up in Austin next month.

An economic impact study released yesterday says paperless folks spend over $220 bil in the Lone Star State every year. They spend over $1.8 trillion every year in the old U.S. of A. I wonder how much Mini Men spend. The study was paid for by a Greater Houston Partnership affiliated group. Check out the story.

‘Stros Skipper Cecil Cooper complained after the game last night that the Cubbie fans were louder than the ‘Stros fans – no s__t! That’s because there WERE more Cubbie fans – yikes! I thought I was a Wrigley South! That’s what it looked like to Commentary.

May 20, 2008 9:00AM

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