By Marc Campos

Teddy, Domes, Yard Happenings

Get well Senator Kennedy! Commentary has a cool poster of Ted Kennedy in the front office. It is titled “To Sail Against the Wind.” It is from his 1980 run for president. That was a good campaign. He also gave one of the best convention speeches of all time that year.

Commentary is rooting for The Rodeo and the Houston Texans to kill any proposal to convert the Astrodome into an amusement park, hotel, shopping center, or whatever. Apparently the deal is moving along and could come before Harris County Commissioners Court pretty soon. I hope nostalgia doesn’t get in the way of sound public policy. If they can tear down Yankee Stadium – the House that Ruth built – they can tear down the Astrodome – period.

Speaking of, Pam-In-Charge has a letter to the Chron today talking about the good deals for families at The Yard.

Let’s play 3! I do believe it’s happening at The Yard! The Cubbies are in town today thru Wednesday for a key series. Berkman is hitting .399! We got a 6 pm ESPN start today – be there!

May 19, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary