By Marc Campos

Reverse Course & Her Name's Not Denice

Earlier this week I informed loyal Daily Commentary readers that I would not provide "takes" on the State Representative, District 143 race. I have now reconsidered and will keep readers informed on the progress of the campaign. Why the change of heart? In the past 48 hours there has been a flurry of email/blog/internet activity regarding the race. Facts, not so facts, rumors, conclusions, analysis, and of course untruths have been aired. Since Commentary is smack dab in the middle of this contest, why not give readers an insight as to what is really going on. I will attempt to inform observers on the status of the race from the perspective of the Laura Salinas campaign - my client. It will be kind of like a campaign diary. I'm sure the opposition will log on every morning and try to read between the lines to figure out our "next move." Good, maybe I'll fake them out on occasion. Seriously though, I hope my commentary on this race leaves you with a better understanding on how some of us handle campaign politics in this part of the state.

Her name is Laura Salinas not Denice (The Niece). In a website story that came out last week, Laura Salinas was referred to as "the niece of ..." - her name wasn't even mentioned. Yesterday, the Chron article mentioned her name but kept the "niece" reference. I jokingly suggested to Laura that she consider changing her name to "Denice" if media accounts on the race were going to continue to refer to her as "the niece."

Speaking of change, here's the real deal. Go to the Harris County Assessor Collector's voter database web page and look up two of our opponents. It is true, they recently changed their voter registration addresses. The effective date of their voter registration card is June 9, 2005 for one candidate and June 11, 2005 for the other. If the special election were held today, they could not vote in the race. Laura Salinas could vote for herself.

May 19, 2005, 9:00AM

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