By Marc Campos

Lets' Deal, Barryless

How about this? The meanies now want to throw an English-only amendment into the immigration bill. Let's give them that on a couple of conditions. One, before you get to graduate from high school or renew your drivers license, you have to recite "The Star Spangled Banner." If you flub the words, you don't graduate or get to drive a car. Two, if our national anthem is played at a public event and you don't sing along you can get fined with the money being split up three ways - going to schools, the hospital district and municipalities. Citizens would be given the authority to hand out citations to violators. Now the meanies shouldn't have a problem with this in that they have emerged as the big protectors of our national anthem. Our side would just have to work a little harder and have our folks learn English. I think it is a fair deal.

It is interesting that some in the GOP want to deport millions of paperless folks, despite what W says. A GOP House leader even said on TV yesterday that W was pretty much irrelevant because of his low poll numbers. Dems need to take advantage of this split ASAP by helping mobilize the Latino community. Will it happen?

Barry didn't play yesterday. Heck, neither did the Astros. Shoot, the Astros didn't show up at all the last three games - Giants 34, Astros 5. We're still only 3 games behind. Surprise of the season to date - Brad Ausmus hitting .336.

May 18, 2006, 9:00AM

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