By Marc Campos

Poor White Dem Dude

Was at the Astros game last night with one of the under 30 young guns - the Anglo. He has great political instincts and has thought about running for office someday. OK, so he's a little crazy.

He's a lifelong Houstonian. He's was telling me last night that because he is an Anglo Male Democrat, the only position he can run for locally is Houston City Council At-Large. He says he can't run and win as a Dem in a district city council, school board, legislative or congressional race. He says districts in Harris County favor Repubs or minority Dems. Good point. Let's see, Anglo Dems Gene Green, John Whitmire, Kevin Bailey, and Scott Hochberg represent minority/majority districts. Are these four a dying breed? Is the Anglo Male Democratic elected official in Harris County an endangered specie?

Dude, don't run off to New York or California to pursue your political dream. Be patient. There may be some county wide positions that will be competitive sooner than you think.

May 18, 2005, 9:00AM

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