By Marc Campos

And The Winner Is…….

I guess The Dean is a better finger jabber than The Lite Guv. According to today’s newspapers, it looks like that nasty voter I.D. bill is dead for now. Darn, I was really looking forward to a rumble in the jungle between The Dean and The Lite Guv.

It is interesting, also in today’s newspapers, America’s minority population is still growing. I’m sure the GOP is still looking at ways to keep us away from the polls. Let’s see, they’ve tried fences, I.D.s, English only, and Mini Men – what else is new?

Houston’s Mayor and some Houston City Council Members don’t think much of the municipal employees’ pension fund chief and it appears that they are powerless to remove him. Hey, this guy must have some power if The Mayor and Council can’t get him knocked off. Let’s see now, the pension board has eleven members. One is appointed by The Mayor, one by the Controller, two by the Houston City Council, four by city employees, two by retired employees, and one by some of the board members – I think. I bet the pension fund chief would do OK on that survivor show.

Speaking of getting over, the Barry, Barry, Barry debate goes on. Our own Lance Berkman thinks MLB’s Commissioner ought to be there when Barry, Barry, Barry breaks the all time dinger record. Commentary thinks if they got the goods on Barry, Barry, Barry, then let’s get it out there in the open, otherwise, Commentary agrees with Berkman that the Commissioner ought to be there and shake his hand. Baseball fans deserve some leadership from the Commissioner. Silence is not good for the game.

Speaking of Barry, Barry, Barry, Craig Biggio says – “he’s the best player I’ve ever seen play the game.”

Things have been going great at the yard lately. We won last night and Hunter Pence knocked one out of the yard. You know, tonight could be the last time H-Town gets to see Barry, Barry, Barry….

May 17, 2007 9:00AM

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