By Marc Campos

The Barry Letdown, Da Vinci Code

He hit a high fly ball to right field and for a second it looked like it might be #714 - it barely made the warning track. In the first inning, he hit a screamer down the right field line that Commentary could have easily scooped up with my lid, but it was a fair ball and I didn't feel like being escorted out of the yard for fan interference. Even though Barry was booed by the fans, you could sense that deep down, fans wanted to see #714. Barry's not expected to start tonight, so I guess we'll have to catch him on ESPN - aw, shucks!

Russ Springer got ejected from the game for plunking Barry. Scrap Iron got the heave ho for giving the order. Both were given warnings after Springer buzzed one past Barry. Of course, both Springer and Scrap Iron deny the plunk was intentional - that's baseball.

Sixty million folks have bought the book. The church says the movie is blasphemous - how can Opie be given the nod to direct such a controversial book. Doc Ock plays a bishop of the Opus Dei persuasion. Forrest Gump has the lead role. Wonder if Nat King Cole's version of "Mona Lisa" is played when the credits role - that would be sooooo Hollywood. I'm watching "The Da Vinci Code."

May 17, 2006, 9:00AM

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