By Marc Campos


Unconventional wisdom says the #2 slot ought to go to Hillary even though Commentary thinks it’s a bad idea so it probably won’t happen. It won’t be a person of color because two persons of color on the same tickets might – well, you know – freak out the old U.S. of A. Sorry Bill Richardson. It won’t be a woman because we just had our chance to put a woman on the ticket and Dems said no thanks. Plus any woman we put on the ticket will be compared to Hillary and there is no other Dem woman that compares to Hillary. It won’t be a fellow U.S. Senator because you can’t make the case for changing the culture of Washington by having two Senators on the ticket. So it will probably have to be a Governor or maybe even a mayor of a major city. The Governor/Mayor will also have to be strongly identified as having close ties to the Clintons and even Latinos – interesting. Know anyone?

CEWDEM sent out a piece yesterday that created a brief stir including a mean spirited response by an Obama guy. Hey dude, settle down. Don’t you know how to win graciously? Granted, there are a lot of folks out there smarter than Commentary but I don’t think we Dems can take the White House unless we have the Obama AND the Hillary voters. Hillary is going to have to be out there helping lead the charge so embrace her. The name of the game is kicking the s__t out of McCain, not Hillary. I’d rather have Hillary out there than 25 John Edwards – period. Get on the program!

Major props go to the State of California – period!

We were down 6 zip after 3 innings yesterday but won 8 to 7. Big Puma became the first ‘Stro to go head first into McCovey’s Cove. We’re 24-18 and still a game and a half out. The ‘Stros are in the Metroplex this weekend for an Interleague Special. I hope they don’t forget to tell Tejada, Wandy, Numero 45, Chacon, Cheito, Valverde, Romero, Cheo, Villarreal, and the Chron’s Jesus to avoid Redneck Branch and Carrollton – yikes

May 16, 2008 9:00AM

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