By Marc Campos

The Dean vs The Lite Guv

Up at our State Capitol yesterday, The Dean and The Lite Guv jabbed fingers at each other over the voter I.D. bill. Hey, let them have a duel and put it on pay per view so we can help pay for a soccer stadium next to the yard, after all, they both are from Houston. The Lite Guv is a former CIA guy so he might have some tricks up his sleeve, on the other hand, he won’t have all the info on The Dean’s fight plan, cause CIA guys don’t know squat nowadays. The Dean is from the hood, so he knows how to scrap. I’d bet on The Dean, cause Dems are favored this year.

I have to admit I’m confused. We now have us a War Chief to go along with a Commander-in-Chief, a Secretary of Defense, and a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs – that’s a lot of chiefs. I’m guessing it’s another fella that shares the blame.

On yesterday’s marriage fee deal up at our state capitol, a GOP State House Member that Dems like had this to day – “I just think the government has no business interfering in the sanctity of marriage.” I wonder how he voted on that same sex marriage constitutional amendment a couple of years ago.

Call him “irresponsible.” That’s what the city’s pension chief said about Houston’s Mayor yesterday on the city’s pension funding issue. I wonder what the penalty is for calling The Mayor “irresponsible?”

Pam-In-Charge, Sweet Marisa, and Commentary were sitting at the yard yesterday in the bottom of the 10th when Numero 45 went way deep. I have to admit, I was ragging the team for blowing a 3 run lead, but then, after Berkman struck out on three fastballs in the 10th, I told Pam-In-Charge that if the pitcher kept throwing heat, Numero 45 would go yard – he did – we won and now we’re at .500 with the Brew Crew in sight. On the way out of the yard, Los Caballitos were running around on their stick horses – I have to get me one of those.

May 16, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary