By Marc Campos

Guard and Taunts

"Just like during Katrina and Rita, we stand ready to assist," said a National Guard spokesperson yesterday.

Right off the bat they say the dumbest things. The paperless folks aren't a natural disaster. In fact, unlike a hurricane or flood, these folks actually make life better for most Americans.

In today's Chron, there is an editorial about Barry and taunting by the fans. The Chron editorial says Barry hasn't been found guilty of anything and we ought to act in a civil manner. The Chron says Barry "deserves respect." Fair enough.

Then how come today's Chron has a front page photo of a fan taunting Barry? Hmmmmm, interesting, all the fans in the photo are of the blue-eye persuasion.

Barry's still on 713. Maybe he's waiting on a power errrr candy bar deal. Baby Ruth. O Henry.

May 16, 2006, 9:00AM

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