By Marc Campos

On District 143

Commentary will serve as Senior Political Consultant to Laura Salinas, Democrat, soon to be candidate for Texas House of Representatives, District 143, in the Special Election to fill the vacancy created by the death of State Representative Joe E. Moreno. Ms. Salinas is a very impressive individual and will make an exceptional public servant. In the coming weeks, you will be learning a lot about the Laura Salinas candidacy.

It is the policy of Commentary not to provide takes on subject matters in which Commentary has a client - conflict of interest and objectivity issues are at stake. So for the next few weeks and/or months, you will probably not see the District 143 race covered in Daily Commentary. However, feel free to email me if you want the real scoop on how the race is going - I'll respond to personal requests.

FYI: Commentary served as chief political consultant to Representative Moreno and other key Houston elected officials that will probably weigh in on behalf of candidates in this special election. This ought to be interesting.

May 16, 2005, 9:00AM

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