By Marc Campos

Recount the Movie

For those of you that want to relive the political nightmare of November/December of 2000, HBO is coming out with “Recount” that will air on Sunday, May 25. The cast includes Oscar winner Kevin Spacey and Oscar nominees Tom Wilkinson, John Hurt, Bob Balaban, and Laura Dern. Dern play Cruella de Vil, errr Katherine Harris. Apparently, it is a docudrama which means that W still gets to be Prez. Commentary plans to check it out and probably have the same miserable and helpless feeling I had after I read “Too Close To Call.” I wonder what a stolen election looks like on HDTV.

You have to hand it to John Edwards who endorsed, errr jumped on the Obama bandwagon yesterday. He’s one sharp politician. Instead of endorsing Obama right after the North Carolina primary last week, he waits until after West Virginia so his endorsement in the season of meaningless endorsements doesn’t look so meaningless after Hillary’s West Virginia rout on Tuesday. Edwards knew that if he endorsed Obama a week before West Virginia and it was still a rout, he would have soon been forgotten – good move on his part.

Today’s Chron has a story on delegate challenges that will be taken up before the Lone Star State Dem Convention next month. Apparently, Senate District 15 is one of those in question and The Dean is prominently mentioned. Commentary was there helping out The Dean. As far as I’m concerned, I’m still waiting for my “Dem in Good Standing Certificate” for helping to make sure things ran well. Heck, I’ll even settle for a six pack of St. Arnold.

Commentary must have missed something while I was at The Yard last week. Since when did trying to find out the hand signals of NFL coaches become an issue worthy of a congressional investigation? GOP U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (PA – as in the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles) is threatening an investigation of the NFL over its handling of the New England Patriots spying on the New York Jets to try to find out when they were going to blitz. I mean, do the military commanders use the same type of hand signals in W’s War? Do the oil companies use the same type of hand signals to collude on the high price of gasoline? Are these the same hand signals that I.C.E./Immigration used before they swooped down on paperless folks at the Shipley Donut Warehouse in H-Town? Stay tuned.

The Former Young Political That ….. has just wrapped up her first year of law school and is parked for the summer interning with William B. Connolly and Associates. Bill Connolly is a real good active local Dem and a former judicial candidate.

The ‘Stros pulled out another late last night – 12:20 am this morning to be exact – as this time Brad Ausmus got the key dinger. 23-18, 5 and 1 on this road trip, still a game and a half out, and a mid afternoon start today.

May 15, 2008 9:00AM

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