By Marc Campos

Sheila’s Move

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has signed on with Hillary’s campaign in a major leadership role – a multiple Co-Chair of sorts. Good for her and good for the process. Now maybe this will create a domino effect and others will sign up with various candidates. Commentary has the candidate lineup scorecard ready to roll out but not a whole lot of leaders/activists are making their preference known. One thing about Sheila, she is very assertive so CD 18 will certainly have their point of view heard within the Hillary camp.

There is a lot of chatter regarding the piece that CEWDEM sent out by the Lee Coca-Cola fella who used to run Chrysler. The guy takes a shot at W and America’s leaders – nice words, but about seven years late.

In the local news, the City of Houston and the former 1836 are in talks to build a soccer stadium. Let’s see, we voted for Minute Maid, Reliant, and Toyota – does that mean we’re going to get to vote on soccer – we’ll see.

Barry, Barry, Barry visits the yard tonight for the start of a three game series. Most baseball folks, sports writers and fans have a take on Barry, Barry, Barry. Like it or not, he’s still playing and chasing the record and baseball is about records. They love him in SF and hate him elsewhere. Commentary won’t be a boo bird when he is announced this evening. I’ll boo him if he hurts us on the scoreboard and is a jerk about it. I hope we just limit him to harmless pop ups and we continue to make up ground on the Brew Crew. Commentary is going to have to be careful tonight with the St. Arnold’s in the event Barry, Barry, Barry pulls one down the line – yikes!

May 15, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary