By Marc Campos

41 Point Loss – Who Cares?

Let’s see now, Obama, our soon to be nominee for Dem Prez, gets only 26% of the vote against Hillary, the candidate that the punditry buried last week. The soon to be nominee is not supposed to get a 41 point whupping on his way to give his nominating speech. It’s clear that there are folks out there that don’t give a rat’s arse what the punditry thinks and will do what pleases them. I bet if we went back and started a second round of primaries and caucuses, the results and turnouts would be the same, meaning Obama/Hillary voters are staying loyal. Which also means one thing - Commentary said last week that it was a bad idea - however, I don’t think he has a choice about who ought to be his running mate.

The DNC’s Rules Committee that will meet at the end of the month to figure out what to do with the outlaw delegations from Florida and Michigan has around 30 members and they are all Super Duper Dem Delegates – go figure.

Today’s Chron gave us another taste of what local issues to expect in this fall’s elections. It seems like the Harris County Sheriff’s Department is conducting surveillance on Latino folks that have a problem with how the Sheriff and his deputies operate. Now this is downright scary. Commentary is kind of afraid to say anything bad about the Sheriff – heck, he might send Barney Fife over to peek into my window and catch me checking out the ‘Stros versus Giants on the tube tomorrow afternoon instead of working – yikes!

Save the dates! Two of Commentary’s favorite couples sent me those save-the-date notes. Local Latino political strategist Jose Soto and Nikki Cooper will finalize the deal on November 8, right after the World Serious. Their note included a photo of Jose popping the question to Nikki on the jumbotron during the Kiss Kam – cool.

Dante’s Mom, Rachel Campos and Coop sometimes known as Dr. Jonathan Cooper who every now and then gets some run in the Chron for fixing four legged and sometimes three legged acquaintances will tie the knot on November 29. Coop and Nikki are not related – I think.

Speaking of, tonight is the last ‘Stros game of the year that starts at 9 pm or so. Whew! We’re still a game and a half out.

May 14, 2008 9:00AM

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