By Marc Campos


Commentary congratulates Melissa Noriega and her team for putting a whupping on the rest of the field.

Now, Commentary thinks the GOP Latino fella left in the race ought to throw in the towel and save us a little bit of money. His party has left him hanging high and dry so what’s the point. It’s OK to raise the white flag.

Maybe the GOP Latino fella ought to move to Redneck Branch up around Dallas where paperless folks took a whupping. Congratulations Redneck Branch, you just became the Lone Star State’s first official landfill.

Speaking of election day, you didn’t hear it from me but I heard James Rodriguez got a couple of hundred votes Saturday – not bad at all.

I’m not gonna say much about “The Sopranos” – I’m mourning the loss of Christopher – three episodes left.

Barry, Barry, Barry visits the yard tomorrow and he’ll get booed – what else is new. He won’t break the record here. Hey, speaking of the yard, what’s up with the Diamondback’s new gear? They got our colors – they call it Sedona Red. They stole Pam-In-Charge’s color scheme.

The Chron’s Jesus has some interesting things to say about the team in his online column – yikes! Check it out. See you at the yard this week.

May 14, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary