By Marc Campos

Local Fall Issues

In today’s Chron, we get a little taste of what issues will be injected in a couple of local political races this summer and fall. The Houston Police Department’s crime lab problems and dilapidated apartments are written up on the front page of the metro section. The GOP nominee for Harris County District Attorney has already said that she is going to hang the crime lab problems around the neck of Dem nominee and former HPD Chief Clarence Bradford. It doesn’t take a political genius to figure out that Dem State Rep. Hubert Vo will be assaulted with the “S-Lord” label by his GOP opponent over Vo’s ownership of apartment complexes that were recently cited for code violations by the City of H-Town. Let’s hope for their sake that the national issues like the economy, high gasoline prices, and W’s War trump the local issues. So much for all politics is local.

Now that the Dem Prez sweepstakes is coming to an end, Commentary thinks we will soon see what the local GOP has in store for us in terms of attacks and stuff. Believe me – they aren’t going to let us just walk in and take the store – stay tuned.

Today’s is West Virginia’s turn to have its say and they will.

FYI – Redneck Branch’s sister city Carrollton is 29% Latino. I wonder what they think of their incoming mayor now that he’s put a bounty on paperless folks.

Commentary forgot to mention Bourn to Run’s catch Sunday afternoon. It is a good thing they put padding on the outfield walls.

Pam-In-Charge and her crew have got to be feeling pretty good today. They have an exciting team that is fun to watch. Lance Berkman is hitting .393. The 'Stros are 22-17 and still a game and a half back. They are definitely the hottest team in baseball right now!

May 13, 2008 9:00AM

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