By Marc Campos

Kinky Names, Session, Baseball

The Kinkster turned in his signatures yesterday - over 169,000 - about the size of Amarillo and bigger than Pasadena. That's about 390,000 plus that signed Lady Foghorn's and The Kinkster's - that's bigger than Arlington and Corpus Christi. If all the signers had their own city in Texas, the city would be the seventh largest in the state.

It is definitely an accomplishment. Both campaigns deserve their props. To dismiss their efforts is in effect to dismiss 390,000 Texans that took the time to sign the petitions - never dismiss a voter. The signers obviously think there ought to be other alternatives this November.

Lets' see now, the Special Session up in Austin looks like it is coming to an end and the schools are going to open this fall, errrr, summer. Some Dems are not happy and some Dems voted for some of the bills. Heck, all the Dem state senators voted for one of the big ones. So did we ever have a Dem position?

The sight of Jim Thome, ManRam and Jeter swinging pink lumber is pretty cool. On Mother's Day - this Sunday - some of Major League Baseball's sluggers will be using pink baseball bats to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. Way to go players!

AFLAC! AFLAC! Yogi Berra is 81 today. Good Yogi lines - "You can observe a lot by watching" and "Never answer an anonymous letter." Yogi holds the record for most career World Series at-bats - 259 and most career World Series hits - 71. Happy Birthday, #8.

The good news yesterday, the Astros won a game. The bad news, Lidge didn't last the inning. Dan Wheeler had to bail him out and got the save.

Hot ticket? Could be next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at the yard when Barry comes to town. Wonder if Hizzoner will be there to give him a key to the city if he passes the Babe in our crib? Of course, it could all be anti-climatic if he passes the Babe this weekend. He's still on 713.

May 12, 2006, 9:00AM

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