By Marc Campos

And The Race Begins

"Officially", the campaign to fill the vacancy in the Texas House of Representatives, District 143, began yesterday - the day after Representative Joe E. Moreno was buried. Already a number of names have emerged as potential candidates including a couple of Rs with unsuccessful ballot history.

District 143 is a solid Dem district. The R wannabees think that in a low turnout special election they can sneak in. Save your money GOPers.

Also considering the race are a couple of perennial candidates. They are kind of like long shot gamblers - sooner or later they think they are going to hit.

It is interesting that "officially" the campaign began yesterday, however, folks were discussing candidacies within hours after Joe's death. Reportedly, one wannabee called the Guv's office requesting to be appointed - totally ignorant of the fact that the Guv cannot fill vacancies by an appointment. There has to be a special called election. If this report is true, then this wannabee is the last person you want representing you in Austin.

Was it appropriate to have discussions about filling the vacancy before Joe was laid to rest? A few people talked to Commentary: "I hate to bring this up now but what are we going to do about.....", "I don't want to show disrespect but .......", "Who are you guys thinking about running for ......"

Personally, I don't have a problem with folks having discussions the past few days on who's going run. The other side - whoever the other side is - reportedly met within hours after Joe's death.

Some can grieve and mourn and still have time to think and talk about the political future of our community. Some can't understand this and believe it is shameful and disrespectful for political discussions to have occurred. One has to respect this line of thinking. On the other hand, one also has to respect those that had the discussions.

May 12, 2005, 9:00AM

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