By Marc Campos

Impressive, Kidding-Huh, English Only, Sorry Charley, Jungle Karma

You have to hand it to Lady Foghorn for tuning in over 220, 000 signatures that will get her on the ballot. Wow! Guv Dude's mouthpiece tried to dismiss Foghorn's effort. Not so fast. Let's put it this way, the 220,000 plus Foghorn signatures represent about 45% of the total number of folks that voted in the Texas Dem Primary. If the 220,000 were a Texas city, it would be the size of Plano and larger than burgs like Laredo, Brownsville, Irving and Lubbock. Let me put it another way, Foghorn now has 220,000 plus voters in her database that don't like Guv Dude.

W told reporters a couple of days ago that Jebbie ought to run for prez. Somebody ought to make W read the newspapers. He'd quickly figure out that folks in the USA are tired of his act and would take it out on Jebbie. The problem with W is that nobody that works for him has the guts to tell him that his presidency has been a miserable failure.

The immigrant bashers tried to take their act to the Voting Rights Act renewal legislation. They tried to end bilingual ballots. Don't be surprised if an amendment shows up on a bill somewhere making it illegal for a Mariachi band to strike up the national anthem.

Houston Texans General Manager Charley Casserly is leaving - good. He is no longer credible with the press and fans, plus he is developing a thin skin and an attitude problem. He doesn't like it when the fans and the sports writers and sports reporters disagree with him. Hit the road Charley.

Somebody get an Astro on the Jim Rome Show fast. They're hurting for good jungle karma. Hey, they're out in LA, they can go to Romie's studio, errr, forget about it - Romie's in the basement this week. I'm out.

May 11, 2006, 9:00AM

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