By Marc Campos

MLB, All You Need Is Love

You gotta love Major League Baseball (MLB)! They give us a lot to talk about. On Barry. MLB won't make a big deal when Barry hits #715. My Best Friend, his wife and kid don't like Barry. My Buddy does. My Buddy says players play after injecting themselves with cortisone - mama don't take my cortisone away . . . . ! Granted, cortisone is legal, but when used like a lot of players do, it does damage the body. My Buddy has a point.

How about the fella that won over 300 games and everyone knew he put a foreign substance on the ball - everybody still jokes about it - now that's cheating. The spitball is an illegal pitch, but this fella used it and now he's in the Hall of Fame. Folks don't boo him.

Giant fans are sticking with Barry - he's their man. A whole lot more baseball fans want to boo Barry. MLB won't take away Barry's stats and dingers. They haven't taken away McGwire's, have they? Baseball is a game of stats and numbers. Like it or not, MLB needs to recognize Barry.

More on MLB. That Delmon Young fella, the minor leaguer that flipped a bat at an umpire only got a 50 game suspension. That's pitiful. They should have made him sit out this year and next year so he could think about his actions. Instead, he'll be back in June. I'm gonna bet when this fella makes it to the bigs, he'll have more than his share of discipline problems.

You have to give MLB their props though. This Sunday a lot of players will be using pink bats - pink bats? After the games, the bats will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to breast cancer research. Good for them.

The Cirque Du Soleil folks are putting together a new show called "The Beatles Love." It will debut next month in Vegas at the Mirage. The Beatles' producer, George Martin, has been heavily involved in the production. They say it is going to be a trip. If George Martin is involved, it ought to be cool.

May 10, 2006, 9:00AM

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