By Marc Campos

A Vote for Voters

Commentary has to hand it to the holdout Latino Super Duper Dem Delegate from California who is willing to trade his vote at the convention for cash. Actually, he’ll give his support to Obama/Clinton if they agree to fund a massive Latino voter registration program in key states. He says that the DNC is ignoring the Latino vote by not being aggressive in signing them up – what else is new. Maybe all the remaining holdout Latino Super Duper Dem Delegates should join into the deal. Too bad we don’t have any Latino Super Duper Dem Delegates from the H-Town area that could throw Harris County into the mix.

With the local GOP fixing to set up shop in H-Town’s East End and with the Latino’s favorite candidate fixing to exit the stage in the Dem Prez sweepstakes, some Latino leaders have mentioned to Commentary that they are concerned about Latino voter enthusiasm for Dems. I’m sure this topic will get a lot of run this summer.

Speaking of, Commentary taped a TV segment on the Latino vote yesterday along with Hector and a “visiting scholar.” The segment will air on H-Town’s Channel 13, this Sunday morning at 11:30 am.

Some are now starting to talk about an Obama/Clinton ticket. Commentary thinks that is a bad idea. If they were to come up short of 270 ECVs, folks would say that Bill lost it, Hillary sabotaged it, or they both dogged it.

Former presidential campaign issue family values, err Murphy Brown, err Candice Bergen is 62 years young today.

The ‘Stros ran out of gas last night and now begin a ten day road trip. Commentary can now catch up on a couple of flicks like “Flawless” or “Iron Man.” Meanwhile, it was announced yesterday that Madonna will play at The Yard in November right after the World Serious.

May 9, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary