By Marc Campos


Let me apologize to those that aren’t on CEWDEM’s list so they don’t know about the debate about who from Texas gets to go to the Democratic Party’s National Convention next year. We’re talking about how many slots for Latinos, African Americans and so on. Commentary’s take is who cares. We ought to be having a serious conversation on the relevancy of national party conventions. 1980 was the last interesting one for Dems. Most of the delegates don’t do anything at national conventions except go sightseeing or go to parties.

Think of it, we don’t have an impact on the rules, on the platform, and on resolutions. All we get to do is cheer for the nominee. Heck, the national TV networks don’t even cover them anymore, because for the most part they are meaningless. So you get to be a delegate to the national convention – big f______g deal! As for the idea to do away with the caucus system – Commentary is opposed. At national conventions, sometime the caucuses throw the best parties like the Latino boat ride in Chicago in 1996 and the Latino party at Matt Santos’ restaurant/club in LA in 2000.

Hey, Commentary got his James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy’s wedding invite yesterday – 52 days. I wonder if we’ll get to handout yard signs and wear James’ stick ons at the wedding.

Speaking of, Commentary voted early and cast two votes for Melissa Noriega and four for James Rodriguez – can’t let you in on my secret on how I got it done.

Barry, Barry, Barry visits the yard next week. Hey, he’s hitting the ball this year and he’s not on the stuff. Folks will boo him big time next week. Meanwhile, the ‘Stros seem to be improving but what about the Brew Crew from Milwaukee – are they for real?

May 9, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary