By Marc Campos

Anthem, Olympics, Putt Putt Course, He's Jesus

A spokesperson for a major national Latino organization came out and said yesterday that the national anthem needs to be sung in English. "Anthems are sacred, and we have to be respectful of that," she opined. The group also said that translating the anthem was a mistake.

On the same day, the Library of Congress said that the anthem has already been translated in Polish, French, Italian, Yiddish, Samoan, Armenian and Portuguese, to name a few. I kind of think the national Latino group is having a bit of a hard time trying to figure out where land on this issue - kind of like the main immigration issue. That's the problem with some of the national Latino organizations - they need to get out more and get a feel for the folks.

Wonder how many of the staffers of the national Latino organization's D.C. headquarters know the words to our national anthem?

Houston is once again trying for the Olympics, this time the 2016 games. Houston tried for the 2012 games and got punked. Houston has the same fella heading the 2016 effort that headed the 2012 effort. Don't you think a change in leadership is a good idea? Houston needs someone to lead the effort with a fresh take. How about a leader of the female persuasion? How about a person of color leading the charge? The fella currently at the top is also a member of the board of the local transit agency that on occasion pi___s off residents. Why have someone with that kind of baggage pimping for H-Town?

The city unveiled the design details for a new 12 acre park in the middle of Downtown (a few blocks from the yard) that will open next year. It will have an amphitheater, two restaurants, a pond for playlike boats, a bandstand, jogging trail, a water garden and a putting green. They forgot the putt putt golf course. There aren't that many putt putt golf courses anymore. I think a windmill would have looked good at the new park.

Jose de Jesus Ortiz, Jr., author of Houston Astros: Armed and Dangerous, likes to be called Jesus. Go buy Jesus' book, please.

May 9, 2006, 9:00AM

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