By Marc Campos

Too Young Or Too Old

Two candidates in the runoff for Mayor of San Antonio. Both are Democrats. SA city council member Julian Castro is 30. Former appeals court judge Phil Hardberger is 70. In the first go-around, Castro received 42% of the vote. Hardberger got 30%.

In today's Chron, Hardberger about Castro - "too inexperienced and irresponsible to be our mayor" - translation, he's a punk and not old enough to be mayor. Hardberger will continue to make references about Castro's age. Castro can't counter punch on the age issue. Senior voters tend to vote at a higher percentage and they are offended if you crack on their age. You won't hear Castro saying - "Phil just doesn't have enough energy to come up with innovative ideas to move our city forward".

In order to win the runoff, both candidates will have to make overt appeals to Republican voters that supported the third place finisher Carroll Schubert - a GOPer. It means they will both have to sound a little like Republicans themselves. Or better (worse) yet, they may send - or have a third party send - a mailer to hard core GOP voters (Triple Rs) - claiming their Dem opponent is a disciple of Hillary Clinton. The Dem partisan supporters of Castro and Hardberger will have to hold their noses when this happens. Guess we won't hear from either camp - my guy is a better Dem than your guy.

What is for sure is that the 30% vote getting Hardberger will have to continue to go negative on Castro immediately - like yesterday.

On election night a Hardberger supporter told the SA Express News after the results came in - "Julian is gone." That's pretty bold talk considering your guy was 12 points behind and outspent Castro by a wide margin. FYI: Commentary volunteered for the Castro campaign.

On State Representative Joe E. Moreno From Someone I Know: "Sorry to hear about Joe Moreno. I found out about it in your daily commentary. He was a great guy and out of all of your clients he was my favorite. He would always go out of his way to come by and say hi whenever I'd see him out."

May 9, 2005, 9:00AM

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