By Marc Campos


Everyone is now waiting for the ultimate Hillary Moment, errr when she exits from the stage. Out of respect for her effort and more importantly her constituency, let her decide. Don’t gang up on her and run her out, because you may end up running off some of her supporters.

Meanwhile, the Rules Committee of the Democratic National Committee will meet at the end of the month to figure out what to do with the outlaw delegations from Michigan and Florida. Commentary is looking forward to seeing the genius plan they adopt.

Speaking of disrespect, both sides in the “ghost worker” flap up at the Lone Star State Capitol just don’t get it. Putting cronies on the taxpayer funded payroll for health insurance and retirement benefits is downright disappointing especially to those of us that have to pay these ridiculously high health insurance premiums in the private sector. It looks like to Commentary that both sides – Dems and GOPers – have hit the moral low ground on this one. Way to go!

It looks like the Lone Star State might have a $10 bil budget surplus. Guv Dude wants to give it back to some taxpayers. The Texas House GOP and Dem leaders probably want to use it to put more cronies on the payroll. As far as Commentary is concerned, I want to know what The Dean wants to do with the surplus.

As of this morning, in all of Major League Baseball, Lance “Big Puma” Berkman is #2 in dingers, #3 in batting average, and #3 in RBIs. If you’re not at The Yard, you are missing out – five in a row!

May 8, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary