By Marc Campos

Fussed Up Dems

CEWDEM just puts out the facts, maíam. Iím talking about a lot of back and forth banter on the Texas Dem Party delegate selection plan. Who cares? Itís the same old Dem activists that get selected anyway to the national conventions. Youíre lucky if you can break the code and get selected at-large. Then when you get to the national conventions, you donít do anything except go the fancy parties after the sessions. Delegates donít have a say on anything once they get to the national convention. During the speeches, some wannabee operatives give you some signs and tell you to wave them for the TV cameras. If you belong to a caucus like Gays, Lesbians, Labor, Women, Latinos, African Americans, Pro Choice and so on Ė you go to those Caucus meetings and just listen to speeches. So donít get too all worked up about this delegate selection stuff. Itís not worth sweating about.

Isnít it funny how many Red Sox fans there are in H-Town today? Drayton, Tim, and Pam-In-Charge keep making the effort to get us to the World Serious and thatís why Astros fans didnít go crazy when Roger said adios.

May 8, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary