By Marc Campos

Gloves Off

Hey, rules are rules and are not made to be broken. It turns out, a fella that is helping out James Rodriguezí opponent is breaking the rules. Heís putting the squeeze on folks when he is not supposed to. He knows heís breaking the rules and now heís been caught by folks and that info is getting back to Commentary. He thinks heís pretty slick, but he isnít. Commentary doesnít think much of folks that break campaign rules. Should I out him or not Ė thatís todayís question. Maybe Iíll have an email poll and let Commentaryís fans decide.

The SA newspaper had a story this weekend about a fella from San Antonio that used to be from Corpus Christi that wants to run for U.S. Senator from Texas as a Dem. I donít know whoís giving him advice, but before he runs, I hope he has a Harris County Latino vote Dem strategy or it ainít gonna happen.

Move over Maverick fan. Guess Rocket fan will now be at the yard. Yao and Tracy got rolled big time. The only thing good about Saturday night was the grub at the Toyota fancy restaurant.

Speaking of Rocket, guess Roger will be a Yank this year. I guess we didnít have Yankee dollars. Thatís cool. Maybe we will see Roger in the World Serious this October Ė thatíll be even more cool.

Of course, we need to start winning some games. I think we can now that we know what we have to work with. As they say, donít worry about it.

May 7, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary