By Marc Campos

A Bet and Another Record Day

Nationally syndicated sports talk show host Jim Rome once said that horse racing is a bet and not a sport. (I don’t know if he still thinks that since he now has invested in race horses.) Horse racing can’t exist without the bettor. Just like Las Vegas can’t exist without the bettor. Horse racing has been getting a lot of run the last couple of days since they had to put down the runner-up in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. Those of us that watched the Derby were not watching a sporting event. We were watching a bet – like a roulette wheel. Think about it. They have a tote board in the middle of the track and when they introduce the horses, they tell you the odds. At the Masters, you know that the winner is going to get a million dollars. The winning Derby horse will get some oats and apples. Maybe they ought to stick a big arse fine on the horse’s owner, trainer and jockey if their horse ever gets hurt in a race.

It looks like a record turnout in today’s Dem primaries in Indiana and North Carolina. The Dem Prez sweepstakes continues to excite Democrats across the country. More folks are participating. You know, the final Dem primary is just four and a half weeks away – wow!

H-Town City Council Member James Rodriguez turned 33 this past Saturday. Willie Mays is 77 today.

It's Super Duper Dem Delegate Bobblehead Night at The Yard as the ‘Stros are back in action versus the Nationals!

May 6, 2008 9:00AM

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