By Marc Campos

Just an Observation

The Dem Prez Sweepstakes has pretty much given the Dems the stage and platform to do our thing – locally and nationally. For the past few months we’ve taken the opportunity to crack on the GOP on an unpopular war, skyrocketing gas and food prices, and unethical behavior. A record number of folks are coming out to participate in Dem primaries here and across the country. There is a growing sense that this is the year of the Dem – right? The fact is we haven’t even faced the 2008 GOP artillery here and throughout the state and country. We all know that the GOP is pretty good when it comes to negative campaigns. I wonder how we will react when they finally get geared up.

You know this is a different political year when CNN runs the Guam Dem results on the screen throughout Saturday.

Apparently Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick’s staff uncovered questionable employment practices of some Dem State Reps and fed it to the Austin American Statesman. Here’s how the scheme works. A Rep hires a former Rep for $100 a month and calls him a full time worker. The scheme is meant to help out the former Rep’s retirement package. This isn’t good government – it is good old boy government. Way to go. You succeeded in giving Speaker Craddick the high ground on this.

Commentary and Dante stayed for the final out of yesterday’s 12 inning game. We got our first three game series sweep. I’ll say this about the team. If the team is down by four or less runs in the ninth, they are still not out of it.

It’s Cinco de Mayo and the ‘Stros are 16-16 – pretty good if you ask me.

May 5, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary